Hmmm,  the purported cat town part of Tokyo revealed many, many cats, but none were the living, breathing version. Well, ok, I saw three in a window, some pretty beaten up looking boys that I was glad to see had some shelter. I will have to assume they all come out at dusk and roam the streets. I’ll find out when we return to Tokyo at the end of our trip, because in our wanderings we found a great little hotel that reminded me of Hotel Abode in Mumbai, so we reserved a room there for the end of the month. It’s called Hanare Hagiso, if any of you are planning to come to Tokyo anytime soon. It’s a great neighborhood, somehow missed getting bombed during the war, so it retains some of the old town charm that we like so much. There are even four public bath houses in the neighborhood, and the hotel provides tickets for them as part of your stay.

Since I know you were all waiting with baited breath to meet all the street cats of Tokyo, here’s the pictorial rundown:

Best window cats:




Best Maneki Nekko cats (the ones that beckon you in and also beckon in the good fortune, a.k.a. your money):



just a darn cute sign board bunch of cats:


And one, adorable sign board of a dog who must be lonely for some canine companions: