"Meteor" Mixed media on plant-dyed paper 6"x11"

I’m packing up the studio to take work down to the gallery next week. The exhibition opens September 1st, with an artist talk on September 8th, 3:30-5 p.m., and a reception to follow. Hope you can join us. Here’s the details, and a link to the gallery website- http://www.smithandvalleegallery.com/upcoming.html

I’ll also be at the gallery on the day the show opens, September 1, from about 3-5 p.m. Additionally, I will do a short demo on Sunday, September 9th, on contact/bundle dyeing leaves on paper, and discuss my studio process more. You’ll be able to see the magic of opening a packet of paper that has been dyed with leaves, and get a glimpse of the workshops I’ll be teaching at the Jansen Center October 12 & 13th. Links to the workshops are – Eco-printing on Cloth https://www.jansenartcenter.org/events/eco-printing/  and Stitching on Eco-dyed Fabric https://www.jansenartcenter.org/events/stitching-on-eco-dyed-fabric/