We are staying in a quiet corner of Tokyo called Taito-ku, and it is, indeed quiet and laid back. It is known for being a cat friendly part of town, where people seem to be interested in feeding the local feline community. You don’t see many cats during the day, but they do come out at dusk to wander the street. People stop on the street when they see a cat,  (just like me!) to see if they can get him/her to approach them.


The local shops are playing the theme well, and there are an abundance of cats during the day to look at as well. Among my favorites are these enormous, wooden carved beasts, I only wish my luggage was big enough to transport them home:


above a restaurant, frolicking with the monkeys:


A wonderful display of wire cats:

A shop entry:


again, alas, too big for the luggage:

And I am in complete agreement on this one:


We are, by the way, staying at a cool little hotel called Hanare Hagiso in Taito-ku. Just in case the blog has inspired you to take your own little trip. They even give you  tickets to four of the local sento (public bathhouses). Here’s one of our hosts, and the interior of our little abode: