Since you’re clearly here to see pictures, here’s a minor flood of parting views of Kyoto:

Kuniosan, our airb&b host, a charming gentleman and priest of a Buddhist temple called Daisen-ji (Amida sect). We had a lovely chat with him, his wife, and his son one day, and he ended up showing us his little citrus orchard that was squeezed into a very small space between the temple and the wall surrounding it. It was nevertheless a thriving group of trees. He gave us a jar of his marmalade which is simply spectacular.





A rather adorable couple and their dogs at the local Starbucks:


Some images of the Kamogawa, the river that runs through the center of Kyoto, which I used to bicycle along almost daily. There are bike and walking paths on both sides, and it provides shade and breeze in hot weather, and a place to meander, contemplate, exercise, and get away from the city scape for a bit. It’s still one of my favorite places, a feeling clearly shared by many residents of the city






 A good long hike with friends, up into the hills above town


great views looking back at Kyoto

beautifully kept trails

and surprising wildflowers like this jack-in-the-pulpit looking flower

and wild primroses

Afterwards we relaxed and drank coffee


And our departure from Kyoto (for now)….everyone in Kyoto seems fashion conscious – even wearing tennis shoes is a fashion statement


Kyoto Station is phenomenal – 11 stories high, with a department store alongside it, also eleven stories tall.


Thirty years ago I can assure you Kyoto station didn’t look like this


The top floor of the department store is full of very fancy restaurants. We arrived at a yuba restaurant (the skin of tofu, a by-product in tofu making, considered a delicacy in Japan) just in time to see the flower decoration being made at the entrance. apparently they cut down a big chunk of tree for this one:




We weren’t the only interested onlookers


Yuba really is delicious, and the place settings added to the flavor


As well as the cold sake we’ve been enjoying with lunch

Next, arrival in Tokyo ….